International Symposium on Mobile Learning for Visually Impaired People


Project Information

Project number: 2010-1-TR1-LEO05-16757
Project acronym: VODIE
Project full title: Vocational Education of Visually Impaired People via Distance Education project
Starting date: 1 December 2010
Duration: 24 Months

VODIE is a Transfer Of Innovation Project (TOI) within the LEONARDO DA VINCI

With financial support of:


  • HCI education
  • Accessility and Usability of Mobile Learning Solution for Visually Impaired People
  • Mobile Web Accessibility
  • Mobile interaction accessibility
  • Innovative applications and user interfaces, including mobile application, multimedia, and adaptive interfaces
  • Ambient and highly mobile devices (PDAs, wearable computers)
  • User interface architectures, tools, techniques, and technology
  • Accessibility and evaluations
  • Pedagogical approaches, models and theories for Mobile Learning